Oscar At The Crown

Oscar At The Crown is a new immersive nightclub musical which opened to RAVE REVIEWS:

  • “The Best Money You Can Spend on Fun This Summer.” MetroSource
  • “A K-Pop/J-Pop/Scissor Sisters-on-speed electronic dance party euphoria.” Them
  •  “As dystopian futures go, this one is, well, kinda great.” Gothamist
  • “Blends the future and the past with pop culture obsessions and hot dance moves.” Brooklyn Paper

Oscar at The Crown is about Oscar Wilde and is set in a dystopian bunker, where hunted queer outcasts gather to celebrate pop culture and the life and death of Victorian playwright Oscar Wilde.

The immersive drama/dance/satire/party is a fetish fashion parade. It’s a kinky comedy involving The Real Housewives, the work of Oscar Wilde and set in a post-apocalyptic near future. 

Oscar at the Crown promises is a deep dive into fantasy and performance that invites audience to tumble down into a rabbit hole of elaborate construction and meticulous execution. 

Performances at 3 Dollar Bill 260 Meserole Street between Bushwick Pl. & Waterbury St., Bushwick, Brooklyn. For more information and to purchase tickets, please click here

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